Friday, April 6, 2012

Some of Our Favorite Easter Books 2012

I’ve done several things this year to keep my kids a little more interested in the Easter season and why it is incredibly important in our home.




But of all things that we do my favorite thing is to snuggle close to my babies at night during their bedtime routine and read them story after story about Easter. They seem to be a little less squirmy and they smell all sweet from fresh baths and lotion.

I usually tuck Lilly, who is two, in and “swing” her in her rocking chair every night.

Next to her rocker is a stack of books waiting for us to dive into.


I love this collection of books in particular because they are board books. Lilly can pull them off from her little desk, which she does quite often, and look through them on her own without tearing them to smithereens. Sometimes I will catch her just sitting on the floor in her bedroom looking through all the pictures in these books.

Here’s the list of books in the stack starting from bottom to top: Watch Me Hop, Baby Duck (I’m not finding this on Amazon but it’s published by Priddy books), Biscuit’s Pet and Play Easter, Easter Bunny are you for Real?, The Easter Story, The Story of Jesus.

Most of these books have few words and bright pictures. They keep Lilly’s attention fairly well. I like to keep a lot of books handy because if she gets bored I have several readily available so I can continue reading for quite some time.

While I get Lilly settled down for the night, my husband is having some “male bonding time” with our four year old son.

Next to Joel’s bed is a night stand that has a drawer full of books waiting to be read by “daddy”. It’s like a sacred stash that only they can read together. 


Books going from left to right:
I Need an Easter Egg
Have You Seen My Ducking?
The Bunny Book

Because of Joel’s age and attention span he can handle books with more words.

DSC_0885 DSC_0886

Books pictured: (top) Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present (bottom) The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings

Not every book is read in one night, but it’s a nice collection to read through for several weeks leading up to Easter.


Every morning as breakfast comes to a close we usually will read The Jesus Story Book Bible. Love. That. Book. We also love the Golden Book version of The Story of Jesus.

A dear friend of my family’s gave Lilly The Legend of the Donkey’s Cross as a present for her first birthday. She’s still a little too young to appreciate the meaning behind the story, but Joel was completely intrigued when I read it to him this year. It’s great for Palm Sunday.

I know it’s past Palm Sunday, but I wanted to give you our book list because I have a bit of a trick when it comes to buying books that correlate to holidays.

I buy a lot of my books after the season at Barnes and Noble. They mark most of the seasonal books down to 50% off after the holiday, and if you become a member you get an extra 10% off. That’s more than half off a brand new book. Using that advantage has helped us create a larger children’s library which is something I feel can NEVER be too big.

Books that weren’t purchased at B&N, or Amazon are books that I collected through being a teacher. They are the ones that if our house caught on fire I’d grab them in an instant. Okay, I really wouldn’t. But they are wonderful books that I consider classics. 

Here are some other great sources for books from some bloggy buddies of mine and ladies I’ve come across through my search for Easter ideas this year:

Amanda at My Heart’s Desire (this is one of my bloggy buddies)
Amanda at Impress Your Kids
Janna at Mustard Seeds

Do you have any favorite Easter stories you like to share with your children?


  1. Love those books! Thinking of Jesus today and the sacrifices he made for Me, You, our families...Praise God! HE WILL RISE AGAIN! Love you!

    1. Amen! He's so good to us! Love you Melissa!

  2. Thanks, La Donna! We LOVE The Rabbit/Red Wings book, too!! Forgot about that one!

    Have a blessed Easter weekend and next week as you prepare to leave. Maybe, just maybe, I should schedule a visit to see you:)


    1. Yes!!! OMGoodness! THAT would be the coolest thing ever.

      Have a great Easter too! So glad I could add your books to the list!


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