Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Do You See What I See?

We hopped in the car a couple weeks ago to go hunting, and not for anything that required us wearing camouflage. Instead, we wore coats and smudges of ice cream on our face left over from reverse dinner.


Our yearly tradition of finding a Hallmark ornament was particularly special this year, so we had to start the evening off with something special. Nothing beats having ice cream before actual dinner.


In years past finding an ornament has been very easy and fast. There’s always an ornament for a new house or a baby’s first Christmas, but this year my family has experienced something that cannot be seen with physical eyes. Our family has had an inward working by our Maker.

Now more than ever in my married life I see what my family is called to do and the path God wants us to take. By God directing both my husband and I in finding our family’s purpose statement, our anchor that has held us strong through some very hard times this year, we’ve discovered why we exist as a family.

So when looking for the right ornament, there wasn’t a picture in mind. There was a word.


As my children and both my husband and I were sitting on the floor at Hallmark looking at all the ornaments only one stood out from among the rest. I showed my husband a particular trinket and as soon as his eyes read a certain word, he looked at me. I’m sure the song playing in the background was, “Do you See What I See?”. 

Not only did this ornament have “the word” inscribed on it, but two presents are under the tree. What a precious reminder that our children are indeed a gift from Almighty God, and He’s graciously trusted both my husband and I to cover them just like a Christmas tree does over presents.


When hanging our new ornament along with the ones from years past on the Christmas tree, I noticed the one from my mine and Jeremiah’s first year of marriage. It reads, “Our First Christmas Together.”

It was a gift given to us at our wedding. Not knowing that we would have the word “together” as our family purpose statement, it was evident that even back then God intended for us to focus on that word.

So yes. I do see what He sees. Sometimes it’s not always bright and clear, but regardless of my shaded view of things- His hand is on us. His love in us. His grace works through us. And He miraculously causes things to work TOGETHER for the good.

Do you see what He sees in you?

He sees something so amazing and wonderfully special. He sees the number of your days and plans that are indescribably remarkable for your life. He knows all our needs, and is no stranger to our weaknesses. Wherever you are at in your life- He sees you and He sees why you exist, and more than anything He wants you to see what He sees.

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  1. What a precious and beautiful moment that must have been! Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Lovely post - what a wonderful moment to see His hand in your life!

  3. Love this, friend! So moved by you and your husband's perseverance through this trial-filled year!

  4. Sweet post from a dear friend...

    So glad you're back:)))

  5. What a lovely post, La Donna. Thank you for sharing. It's so amazing when the simple things in life show us how much He cares.


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