Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life After Vacation

Coming back from our vacation last week was bitter sweet, as it is for most people.


I love the sound of the waves, but I missed my bed. I love eating a picnic on the shore, but cooking is easier in a kitchen is arranged my way. The view of the ocean is spectacular, but I miss seeing familiar faces. Crossing state lines makes me feel adventurous, but driving to a grocery that is a few miles from my house is a relief.

There was a tug-of-war that took place right before I left to come home. Then reality hit. I like vacation and the only way I could stay at the beach forever is to become a beach bum- and that’s not happening. So I must enter into the flow of real life, and embrace the every day adventures as they come.

So the new adventure we are embarking on right now is preschool.


I am not one to say- my child is this old and he MUST go to preschool before this age or he will end up destitute. I played it by ear, and last Spring I began to see a change in my little guy. He is an independent little thing to begin with, so after he turned three it escalated even more. Even though I was pulling out all the teacher tricks I knew, I just wasn’t meeting everything he needed.

On the other hand, picking the right type of schooling was more than just playing it by ear. I was open to anything. Homeschool. Montessori. Private. I just laid it before the Lord and let Him lead me. And He did.

When Joel was 18 months old I put him in a mommy/child swim class. In the class there was another mom/son duo. She mentioned to me where she put her children (4 of them) in preschool. She loved it to say the least. I stuffed her info into my mind file, and when the time was right I knew I would pull the drawer open.

Last April I visited the school that mom mentioned, and fell in love with it immediately. The only problem was his class filled up quickly. Little man was put on a waiting list, and let me tell you I prayed HARD that a door would open.

Then in late June I got a phone call letting me know a spot opened. This momma did a big huge happy dance in the laundry room.

The transition has not been terribly difficult. Joel walks into his classroom like he’s been there forever, and does not give me kisses good-bye anymore. Sniff. He comes home and creates things with his blocks that I’ve never seen him do before. More than anything his teacher is absolutely wonderful.


As a parent it is a huge sigh of relief to know that your child is in a place that’s more than just what you want, but it’s obvious they are where our Heavenly Father picked. I’m overwhelmed by the thought that even in this little three and a half year old life God is already showing him how his footsteps are ordered. And we can refer to this little divine direction as a marking stone for his life.

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