Friday, July 15, 2011

Yeah Right

Blogging can be intimidating. There's always someone or something that seems to have it all together. A better blog design. A better home makeover. Richer content. More followers. Comments galore. It can be overwhelming and if not careful, I lose sight of why I'm doing this in the first place. But I've never done that. Yeah. Right.

About six months into blogging I realized that I didn't put as much effort and time into writing as I've seen others do. And that's okay. We're all at different stages in life. We all blog for different purposes. And depending on how many children you have, and how old they are, they nap at all different times of the day. And not all at once. That alone can cut into the time needed to make a blog thrive and grow.

So I've slowly let go of the idea of being an everyday poster, and  I've given myself some slack concerning other matters. After I came to terms with the logistics of it all, I laid out realistic goals for my blog rather than ones that can kill the joy of writing.

My first goal was to have 25 facebook fans for my blog. I know. Not very big, but it has kept me from giving up on writing. And really. That's the biggest accomplishment. This small goal has helped me tremendously. I began to focus on content and less on numbers. Then one day while looking over some design stuff to fix on my blog, please don't get me started on how that's going, I saw two numbers on my facebook fan link. 25. Yep- I finally have 25 fans!!! Woop! Woop!!

Now that goal no. 1 is reached, I'm movin' on to the next one. For all you 25 fans out there, and hopefully a couple silent ones too, I'm going to start linking my posts strictly to my Santa Beso facebook page starting in August. It's served its purpose being on my personal page, and it's time to move on.

If you get to my posts through my personal facebook page you either need to become a public fan of SB,  follow me or subscribe via email or RSS feed. If you'll look to the right of my postings you'll find all the needed info to do any of these options.

Good-bye Santa Beso posts on my personal facebook page. Hello personal statuses that let everyone know what's for dinner and what I'm wearing that day. I know you're eagerly awaiting to know that info. Yeah. Right.


  1. Perfectly said! I'm new to blog and was already feeling like maybe no one even noticed what I'm doing or that I started a FB page. I thank you for your encouragement because I don't know what to expect at first! And kudos to you for 25 FB followers! Yay! I totally think that your idea of cutting away your Blog posts on your personal page makes sense. I'm sure a few of my friends are already overwhelmed at my posts. :)

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