Thursday, March 10, 2011

Project Simplify: Hot Spot #1

I told you how I've gotten an awakening from the wonderful works of Simple Mom. But did I tell you that she is having a spring clean fest called project simplify as well? It started this week and there's still a few more weeks to go, so it's not too late to join in on the action.

Her assignment this week was to clean up and clear out your closet. Boy did I need it, especially when the night I came back from purchasing her book my husband put the kids to bed early and had cleaned out his closet. AND he did it not knowing that I had the intention of cleaning my closet out. Go figure? :)

So I faced my fierce giant with a wet rag, the vacuum and a couple of alka seltzers and opened the door to my closet to see this..........

which is what I was saw every morning for the past few months. And by me showing you this, I am opening up to you like I were on a Dr. Phil or Oprah show. I am a clean person, I promise!!! This spot just got a little neglected, and before I knew it I was overwhelmed.

Where did I start? What did I do? Did I cry? Well, let's start from the beginning.

First I emptied the ENTIRE closet, and then I vacuumed it from head to toe.

Then I began to put back the things that I knew FOR SURE I would keep like the laundry baskets.

Why such a big compartment for laundry?

My husband and I share hampers, and on laundry day I add the kids laundry from their hampers into ours.The laundry room is too small to keep the hampers there. Plus, I have this cool basket with three bins that divides up the laundry already to save time, and it has wheels so I just roll it in the laundry room after everyone's laundry is in there on laundry day. 

Above each slot I have a card showing what goes where, and how to wash it. Just incase the hubby askes if he can help me with anything, I can say, "Yes! Look in my closet at the hampers. Which is the fullest? Wash a load for me. The instructions are above the basket." 

 There are three slots with a fourth basket I added for delicates with a huge sign that says only I can wash these. I am VERY picky about my jeans and certain undergarments, which I've found a lot of women are. I want those boogers to last a while and washing them right helps.

Then I divided the clothes into piles following tips that Simple Mom gives, with a HUGE emphasis on letting go. sniff sniff

But remember....................

Present from my husband I saved. Not sure what he was thinking.
Most of the clothes were things I had collecting to put in a Just Between Friends Consignment Sale, but I didn't participate in that like I wanted. It worked out though because our church is having a garage sale to send a team to England this summer. Bingo!! Now three big trash bags are ready to be hauled off at the end of this month.

So here were the easy things to eliminate:

My clothes. I've had two babies in the last three years so clothes have been a crazy sort of mess. Thankfully the maternity clothes have been put in the attic ready to use for baby #3 when that time comes. The hopes of returning back to my early prebaby state is a constant work, and the closet and my sanity can't wait. So the clothes not worn in over a year are in the garage sale bags too.

My shoes. Most of what I had were teacher shoes that I hated wearing when I taught, and still do now. These days TOMS are my bff, and they are easy to pack. I threw the old shoe boxes in the recycling bin. The only boo hoo moment I had were the shoes I had from my wedding over 7 yrs ago. I'm very sentimental so this was hard, but they were not white anymore, I don't know if my daughter will wear my size and the garage sale I gave them too is for a good cause.

Hard part:
The petticoat from my wedding. It is on Craigslist right now, but if it doesn't get sold- it's going into the stash for the GARAGE SALE!!!

Little nick nacks I had collected through the years. Not sure why now that they're gone. So they too are in the garage sale bags.

Donating your items to a Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity or a local non-profit organization is a great way to help if you are not into doing a garage sale yourself or have an avenue like I do. I strongly encourage you to emphasize your donate items on helping someone in need. It allows your heart to lead your hands in the right direction when logic is holding you back.

I did not toss anything. I just gave it all away!!!

After the garage sale items had been packed away I started putting back shoes and clothes. I removed empty hangers and put them in the laundry room. Then I arranged my remaining clothes by color.

Then I rearranged some items that serve us well in their placement, like the budget sheets, and this is the final product:

Thankfully the babies napped at the same time that day. I wonder if they planned this arrangement during their play time. What did not get done during their nap was finished later that evening when my husband came home from work. So total time was 3-4 hours. 


it did not cost me one penny, and it is looks and feels amazing to walk into, mainly because I can walk into my walk in closet. Amazing concept!!! 

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and you're inspired to


  1. I love your laundry system!!!!

    You did a great job :)

  2. You did a fantastic job! Amazing transformation!

  3. The Mommy TherapyMarch 12, 2011 at 7:15 AM

    I love your laundry system!!!!

    You did a great job :)

  4. Wow-ee! You really did purge. Your new closet looks great!

  5. Great job! I cleaned out our closet this past week too and now I smile every time I walk in there. I didn't think it was that bad until I started working on it. :-)

  6. Nice job! Looks great! I keep going into my closet and just stand there...because I can!

  7. That looks so wonderful! Love it! I didn't find out about this project until most of the way through this week and plan to join in for the other projects and to do this one as well, but this one will just have to be done while I work on the other ones too.

  8. Wow! Amazing job! LOVE your laundry system!

  9. Another fan of your laundry system here, I wish I had the space to do that.
    What a transformation, you must me so pleased, you did a fantastic job.

  10. My lands... you did simplify! Your closet looks absolutely clear.. way to go!

  11. wow, how inspiring! when i read that book, i thought, nice idea, but when will i have 2 or 3 hours to myself to do these things? and if i am cleaning the closet, who will do the dishes? it may be worth letting them pile up, your closet looks amazing sister!

  12. Great job! It looks so much more open and organized now.

    I love your laundry center and directions! My hubby is too afraid of messing something up to even offer to help with the laundry - what a great solution!

  13. Wonderful job! What an impressive 'after.'

  14. Great job! It is amazing how good this process makes you feel!

  15. Wow!! Ok, it totally cracks me up that you have an exercise ball in your closet too...I should have known!! My closet is a total mess. I think it's a mama thing. In the morning I'm hurrying so I can go help little ones get ready. At night, I just want to go to bed. The closet isn't a high priority. I never thought to totally empty it out....duh! I'm inspired!! Look out!


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