Thursday, January 6, 2011

If Walls Could Talk

How's everyone doing on their resolutions? So far so good here. Joel is out of town this week with Gma and Gpa so it's been Lilly and me here at the home front.

Speaking of resolutions, I've gotten  a lot done here in the house concerning organizing. I'm not concentrating too much on the cleaning thing. We're having a B-Day party for Joel this weekend so whatever I do here house cleaning wise is bound to get demolished in an instant with a dozen or so 2-3 yr. olds running around. And I want to have a party here, not a crisis over my freshly mopped floors.

I feel very accomplished because of the organizing. It's therapy for me on so many levels and if that makes me a nerd, I will wear that badge proudly. Maybe that comes from my past years of teaching, I don't know. But if you looked at my dorm room from college you'd wonder if I was the same person.

I still have a bunch more house goals to accomplish this year.

To help you know what they are, take a look at my living room.

And my Master Bedroom.

And the Master Bathroom.

Do these rooms say anything to you?

Of course not, they say NOTHING!!!!  If walls could talk, mine would be speechless because they are bare. Naked.

 I have completely dropped the ball on so many levels when it comes to decorating this house. And you for sure know you have when your 10 yr. old niece comes over for a playdate and says, "Boy your walls don't have anything on them." Hello!! Wake up call!!!

At our previous house, which you can read about here, I had plenty of things on the wall. It was so tiny but not this house.
I'm not beating myself up too much though. I was 8 months pregnant when we moved in here, and have had another little one less than a year ago. Then we've been attacking the Baby Steps like mad crazy. 

Then when my evil twin Type A comes to visit, I have to fix drawers that look like this instead of decorate.

Which I hope to share some solutions to problems like this real soon.

Also the lovely vision board that I have in the laundry room needs some attention along with the laundry room itself.

Either way I've had rewarding things happen during the time I've neglected the walls.

I want that to change though. I want my walls to say something meaningful. I want them to say,

"This house is filled with love."

"We care about each other here."

"This is a safe haven."

 "You can come in here with your mess and not be judged."

"Grab a glass of tea and let's chat"

That's what I want them to say.

The other night I was complaining talking to my super wonderful husband about my thoughts. He said, "Let's make this happen in 2011. We're having home heaven in 2011." 

I quickly sucked my pouty lip in and was beaming.
What a wonderful motto for this year on so many levels.

So that's what we're doing this year:


I'm linking this to Nester's Home Goals for 2011. Stop by and see what other people are doing this year. And remind yourself wonderful and perfect are not synonyms.


  1. I'd rather organize than decorate any day of the week. Good luck with the walls and all of those toddlers coming over. Cleaning and scrubbing after they come over is the way to go- I learned that the hard way. Cheers.

  2. I need to organize garage needs some major TLC...Good luck and thanks for sharing over at the Nesting Place, I just love seeing what all us bloggers are up to.

  3. That IS a pretty catchy little motto! I hope you achieve everything you want for your home {and walls!} this year!

  4. Great list, love your blog header pic. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you'll follow along at I'll be giving away an "Edie love" Valentine's day banner in the next few days. :) Have a fabulous weekend.

  5. I love that attitude and motto! Good luck with your bathroom makeover...and especially your mason jar soap dispenser!

  6. What a wonderful motto! Put it on a sign and read it everyday. Good luck with your goals and plans, we are all going after our own goals, right along with you.


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